Select your favorite starter dishes from our appetizer menu. Prices are listed by 1/2 pan and whole pan. 1/2 Pan feeds up to 20 and whole pan feeds up to 40.

Mini Crab Cakes
$50 (25 count) $95 (50 count)

Fresh lump crab meat seasoned to perfection & broiled to a golden brown

Tuna Melt
$30 (25 count) $55 (50 count)

Tuna and Gouda cheese melted on buttery croissant

Hot Crab Dip
$80 (1/2 Pan) $155 (Full Pan)

Jumbo lump crab meat & artichoke blended with secret sauce and topped with cheese

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
$45 (1/2 Pan) $85 (Full Pan)

Fresh spinach & artichoke in homemade Parmesan cheese sauce

Fried Chicken "Oh Boy"
$3.00 Per Slider

Crispy fried chicken breast topped with shredded lettuce and spicy mayo

Turkey Salad
$50.00 (1/2 Pan) $95 (Full Pan)

Shredded herb roasted turkey breast tossed in red onions, celery, green onions & garlic mayo

Famous BBQ Meatball
$50 (1/2 Pan) $95 (Full Pan)

Marinated and slow cooked in homemade sweet and spicy BBQ sauce

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Choose from an array of savory southern favorites. Prices are listed by 1/2 pan and whole pan. 1/2 Pan feeds up to 10-15 and whole pan feeds up to 30.

Crispy Wingettes
$75.00 (1/2 Pan) $140 (Full Pan)

Chicken wingettes seasoned and fried to perfection

BBQ Jerk Wingettes
$70.00 (1/2 Pan) $130 (Full Pan)

Fall off the bone BBQ chicken wingettes

Teriyaki Wingettes
$70.00 (1/2 Pan) $130 (Full Pan)

Fresh chicken wings seasoned and baked to the perfect crisp

Spicy Jerk Turkey
MRKT. Price

Juicy and succulent turkey infused with traditional herbs and spices

Herb Roasted Turkey
MRKT. Price

Tender roasted turkey brined in fresh sage, rosemary, thyme & garlic

Smothered Turkey or Pork Chops
$7.00 Per Chop

Braised center cut turkey or pork chops slow simmered in mushrooms, onions and gravy

Country Fried Turkey or Pork Chops
$7.00 Per Chop

Center cut boneless turkey or pork chops seasoned & fried to a golden brown

Bourbon Glazed Salmon
$10.00 Per 4oz Piece

Pan seared salmon topped with signature bourbon glaze.

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Choose from an array of savory southern favorites. Prices are listed by 1/2 pan and whole pan. 1/2 Pan feeds up to 20 and whole pan feeds up to 40.

Bread Stuffing
$60 (1/2 Pan) $100 (Full Pan)

Sourdough bread toasted and tossed in garlic butter, sage, thyme & crumbled sausage

Fried Cabbage
$60 (1/2 Pan) $100 (Full Pan)

Shredded green and red cabbage stir fried in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt & fresh ground pepper and topped with crumbled bacon

Black-Eyed Peas
$40 (1/2 Pan) $70 (Full Pan)

Crockpot style black-eyed peas with Applewood bacon

Baked Beans
$40 (1/2 Pan) $70 (Full Pan)

Baked beans simmered in molasses, brown sugar & homemade BBQ sauce

Green Beans
$50 (1/2 Pan) $90 (Full Pan)

Fresh green beans sauteed in olive oil, garlic, red onions and shallots

Ann's Famous Potato Salad
$70 (1/2 Pan) $110 (Full Pan)

Tossed in secret sauce, eggs, sweet relish, banana peppers, & pimentos

Red Mashed Potatoes
$50 (1/2 Pan) $90 (Full Pan)

Garlic and butter "smashed" red potatoes

"Candy" Yams
$60 (1/2 Pan) $110 (Full Pan)

Sweet and syrupy candied yams topped w/roasted marshmallows & cinnamon

Signature Mac & Cheese
$70 (1/2 Pan) $130 (Full Pan)

A blend of Cheddar, Colby, and Pepper Jack Cheeses

Collard Greens
$70 (1/2 Pan) $130 (Full Pan)

Fresh organic collard greens prepared in garlic, olive oil, & smoked ham (meatless option available)

Kale Greens
$70 (1/2 Pan) $130 (Full Pan)

Fresh organic Kale greens sauteed in olive oil and garlic with crumbled Applewood bacon sprinkled on top.

Seafood Medley Pasta
$100 (1/2 Pan) $175 (Full Pan)

Fresh Maryland crab meat, jumbo shrimp and tuna tossed in pimentos, sweet relish, and secret sauce

Signature Cornbread Muffins
$20 Per Dozen

Buttermilk cornbread muffins with sweet and corn and bacon bits

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Small salad bowl feeds 7-10 people. Large salad bowl feeds 15-20 people.

Grilled Chicken Salad
$40 (small bowl) $70 (large bowl)

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in homemade vinaigrette and topped with Parmesan cheese and bacon

Al Fresca Salad
$30 (small bowl) $50 (large bowl)

Mixed green salad with, candy coated pecans, strawberries, sundried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, cherry vinaigrette

Classic Caesar Salad
$30 (small bowl) $50 (large bowl)

Romaine lettuce lightly tossed in homemade Caesar dressing and topped with buttery croutons and fresh shaved Parmesan cheese. Add chicken or shrimp for additional charge.

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